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Red and Black Game Source Code

Red and Black game

"Red and Black" is a casual card game where players predict if the next drawn card from a standard deck will be red or black. The game is based on luck, and correct guesses usually result in points. It's a quick and informal activity, often played for fun with friends or to pass the time. The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to players of all ages.




    • How to play
    • Online players count
    • Add money
    • Place bet
    • Display winning history
    • Dummy players on table with avatars
    • Timer option
    • Place bet on multiple option
    • Auto bet from bot user
    • Customization in winning amount multiplication
    • Admin commission concept
    • 7 bet options( Red, Black, Pair, Sequence, Pure sequence, Set & Color)


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Red and Black game

  • Technology: Java, XML, PHP Code igniter
  • Server: Digital Ocean
  • Platform :
  • INR 40000
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