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Poker Game Source Code

Poker Game

Poker is a renowned card game that combines skill, strategy, and chance. Players receive a combination of face-down and face-up cards over several betting rounds, aiming to form the strongest hand or bluff opponents into folding. The hierarchy of hands, from high-ranking Royal Flush to simpler One Pair, determines the winner. With its diverse variants and psychological gameplay, poker remains a favorite among players worldwide, both in casual settings and competitive tournaments.


    • Select boot value & play
    • How to play
    • Tip option
    • Dealer change option
    • Invite option
    • Fold, Check & Raise option
    • Add money
    • Sound
    • Chat option
    • Timer option
    • Shows online count on boot table
    • Admin Commission concept


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Poker Game

  • Technology: Java, XML, PHP Code igniter
  • Server: Digital Ocean
  • Platform :
  • INR 50000
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