Mega Play (Short Video Platform):Indian short video App

Short Video Platform Development

Short Video Platform Development –

Here we have done all types of development related to Short Video Platform so there is no need to go with scratch only here you need to rebrand it with your logo and server. We have covered almost all features related to Any App Like tik-tok, ,MX taka tak or Moz. Below are the features that we mentioned. Also, We have used basic server integration that can save your Money while running this. Our development language is very comfortable that can be easily customizable with any developer


Mega Play is short video Platform Where you can upload videos from your mobile as well as you can Make video by our Camera.

Features :

  • Login / Signup Your users can use their pr social media accounts for registering themselves with the app. These credentials can be used for logging into the app
  • Video Display: Based on the user’s followers & following, the news feed is constantly updated to showcase the latest posts from other users, top viewed posts in the area, Designed for maximum user engagement rate.
  • Song Audio Selection: Select your favorite tracks or upload your own from admin panel, for our custom video dubbed post with your own song or audio selection.
  • Dubbing and Video Selfie: Record custom music-dubbed video selfie posts or record performances – Multiple options to help users become mini internet stars themselves.
  • Video Sharing: Share your dubbed video or media with other users or on other social channels.
  • View and Like Your Favourite Video: Users can view videos of various users. Like, comment, and share posts also on the customizable.
  • Multiple Media Attachment Chat Options: Mega Play social video dubbing & sharing script is integrated with an in-app chat module with a wide variety of multimedia sharing options. Users can attach images or share videos and also send the voice messages.
  • Video Discovery: Videos shared by other users can also be searched via hashtags or by specifically typing the video title.
  • Video Posting: The videos created over this platform can be posted by users along with hashtags, descriptions, etc. Other app users can also be tagged in the videos.
  • Video Filters: Various available filters can also be applied to the videos before sharing them on the user profiles. The filters can enhance the visual effects of videos and make them look more professional.Slow motion and Fast motion with Advance Camera option.
  • Video Comments: Other users can comment on your video and vice versa. This helps in improving video content as users come to know what others feel about their work.Delete option also available for video owner.
  • In-app Push notifications: These notifications inform users whenever users follow other users or send a message.
  • Favourite  Sounds: Interesting soundtracks can be saved by users in their profiles and used for video creation in the future.
  • View User Profile: Both profiles and videos of other users can be viewed easily using this app. Users can even like, share, and follow the profiles they find entertaining
  • Privacy Settings The privacy settings of users can be changed as per their requirements. The uploaded video can be shared only with himself or for the general public and also if users can do a duet or not.
  • User Reporting: Report other users or posts for a number of reasons. This helps maintain high content quality standards on your Mega Play app.
  • Video monitoring: You can easily monitor every video by our admin panel and you can approve or reject them with status.
  • Banner: You can add banner for advertisement as well as context or wish to all your users on special any event.It will come to first time on first Page of Home Page.Technology:
  • Front-end –
  • Android – Java , XML .
  • iOS – Swift
  • Backend – Php Code Ignitor

Sample App Link for Demo –