Housie Family Game Development (Tambola)


Housie Family Game Development

In recent times the popularity of Housie games has been skyrocketing like never before. As these games are very much engaging and can improve hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive stimulation, people of all ages have widely accepted this game. Run-on both iOS and Android systems, this best-in-class game has become a favorite for millions of online players. Having years of game-developing experience in superior platforms like Andriod studio, jQuery, JavaScript, unity3d, and others, AndroApps Technologies has become a prominent name among game development companies in India.

With the time advancement, players are no longer interested in spending time on papers, tickets, pens, or boards. Thus, they chase after highly featured online games that make them crazy and engaged for long hours. Here comes the significance of Tambola or Housie games! When people are getting too much self-centered, the Tambola gaming platform helps them make strong bong with the different communities.  

Here we have done all types of development related to Ott Platform so there is no need to go with scratch only here you need to rebrand it with your logo and server. We have covered almost all features related to the Housie Family Game or tombola game (Housie). Below are the features that we mentioned. Also, We have used basic server integration that can save you Money while running this. Our development language is very comfortable that can be easily customizable by any developer

Features: Housie Family Game

  • Login and Register with Mobile Verification
  • Game created from server
  • Get all Games list in App on Homepage
  • Online payment option to buy ticket or manage Payment in Wallet
  • Get all reports
  • Housie Board
  • Server will. draw numbers
  • Voice over of the draw
  • Winner draw
  • Delete game
  • Game Score/ Player Management
  • Previous Game’s Data
  • Share Game Scores.
  • Withdrawal option.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Account management

We also provide servers.

Why choose AndroApps Technology to develop Housie, and Tambola games?

 Since its foundation in 2014, we have been engaging in developing sophisticated as well as most successful software and application to become the best game creator in the industry. Our team for game development is extremely talented and has expertise in various types of app developments. We understand the value of having reliable and trained staff to develop your unique Housie games. With us, you can rest assured of getting user-friendly, engaging, UX-friendly, latest technology-based Tambola games. We offer the best quality realism, graphics, and presentation so that your end product comes out perfectly ok and can be easily upgradeable in the future. 

You will be surprised to know that AndroApps Technologies has already made its mark in the Indian Gaming industry with high-level services. Our years-long experience has made us deploy the highest-quality Android and iOS games to our end users. So, if have planned to monetize from your developing Tambola housie games, AndroApps Technologies is your one-stop solution. In India, we can guarantee you the most budget-friendly Housie gaming solutions. Our experienced and diverse team of game developers value each client and hence deliver 100% customer satisfaction to prevail them from getting repeated services from us. 

The development cost of Tambola Mobile Game Development

The most frequent question for Housie family game development is its cost. If you are interested in developing the Tambola Mobile game at your resources, contact us directly for a free quotation. Generally, the cost of any PC or mobile game development determines its amount of scaling, i.e. your intention to the number of game users, UX designs, and security solution. 

Get exceptional services from AndroApss Technology 

If you have already gotten an idea of developing a Housie game, contact our experts and reveal to us your unique ideas to successfully implement your conceptualization. For over a decade, AndroApps Technology has been providing superior services regarding games and software products to its value le customers. With the best resources, state-of-the-art technologies, tools methodologies, and others we can maintain perfectionism on various platforms. Get your most intended Housie game design and development with AndroApps Technology. 

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We also provide a custom solution if you want any kind of customization we can also do that but the cost would be as per requirement. We have more than 30 people Team.

Demo link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.housieplay.activity